Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

***before I start you have to check out the videos of her playing with Jay at www.bringingcatherinehome.shutterfly.com (scroll to the bottom and look in the video's section). She and Jay played like this for hours until they were both sweaty and completely exhausted!***

So, as I said in my post this morning we all woke up in much better moods this morning. I am very pleased to report that this continued throughout the day. After we left the Civil Affairs office we went to a store to buy some snacks and juice for her and then we headed to the Nanjing Library (BEAUTIFUL building) and then on to the former presidential palace (where Sun Yat-sen took power). It sits on the ground of the former Imperial Palace (the seat of the Ming Dynasty when the capital was in Nanjing... this was really the first Forbidden City) but the only thing left of the emperor's residence is the gardens. Catherine rode around in her backpack and had a great time seeing the sights. She was very content and humming to herself. She LOVES the outdoors and new things to see so this was perfect for her. She is so funny when she is trying to study something... she purses her lips together, opens her eyes really wide, and scans it with her eyes (up and down, side to side). There was ALOT of that going on in the gardens (especially with the fish in the pond)!

After touring we grabbed a little Starbucks (I know, I know...) and went back to the room so she could take a nap (i.e. so mommy could blog!). She had a great nap and she woke up in a super mood. This is when all the playing started. She was running around the room chasing Jay. She knew that if she found him that he would tickle her. So, she would start to laugh as she was looking because she knew what was about to happen. I feel bad because her loud giggling woke up the precious little boy who is in the room next door... sorry :)

After a few hours of this (literally) she got bored of being in the room so she wanted to go outside. We were not quite ready to go yet (no shoes on, had to potty, etc.) and this made her so mad. She kept grabbing our hands and pulling us to the door. This escalated into a tantrum on the floor complete with big tears, kicking, and pounding fists. Jay and I stood over her with gigantic smiles on our faces... this was such a NORMAL 2 year old girl temper tantrum!!!!! It had nothing to do with us. It had nothing to do with adoption. It had nothing to do with her delays. It had everything to do with her being 2 and not getting her way. It was priceless :)

She calmed down as soon as we went outside and walked around. We stopped in at a local restaurant and had one of the best meals in China that I have ever had. Catherine was completely opposite from last night... she was engaged, relaxed, and ready to chow on her noodles. Yes, she is a noodle girl and not a rice girl. This is NOT good because she is 2 weeks away from going gluten free and we eat ALOT of rice at our house. We had better keep working on that!

Tomorrow we are off EARLY to her hometown (a 4 hour drive one way) to visit the orphanage and some of the local landmarks. I will try to post when we get back from a very long day. Wish us luck!

Roof of the Nanjing Library (3rd biggest in China)

Presidential Palace Gardens

Finally get to stretch our legs!

And she was out... O-U-T!

Trying to get her to pose... notice what she is staring at (my girl!)

(more photos on our photo album)


  1. Amazing to see Catherine with her family! I love your perspective of your daughter, I can just see those big smiles, loving that tantrum! Catherine is in good hands, I am glad she is doing so well, sounds like she will be a "daddy's girl" with all the horse play only dad's can dish out. I have lots to catch up on, but your blog is at the top of my list. Lovin IT!


  2. Just love reading through your new posts. It sounds like everyone is settling in beautifully. And I am so looking forward to your orphanage visit. Please hug Anna for me and let her know she is loved. I hope you're able to snap a few pictures for me!

    Hugs, Pamela
    (mommy to Lily Mei and Anna Lin waiting in XZ)

  3. So glad you were able to get some sleep last night. I hope your visit to the SWI goes well! For us...not too good...but I think since Catherine has not been "living" there for a while, it will go great!
    She is so beautiful, and it sounds like she has the XZ temper tantrums down pat! Our Olivia can pitch a fit like I have never seen...and she's our 9th child!! lol they are strong willed little girls to say the least!

    congratulations again!! She is amazing!

  4. I'm enjoying all your posts and photos. Catherine is absolutely adorable. I just love those lips...so kissable! I can imagine how cute it is to see her pucker them up while taking in the scenery.

    You look like you've found some wonderful sights. I can't wait to hear more about them (and the restaurant....can I get a name)?

    Have a safe and blessed trip to XuZhou tomorrow. I cannot wait to hear about your visit and all the children still waiting (especially one little one in particular).

    Thinking of you!!

  5. OMG, I just watched the "Gotcha Video"...it brought tears to my eyes!!! Catherine is a sweetie-pie!!!! I am so enjoy following this amazing journey to your daughter!

    I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!



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