Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Never in a Million Years...

... did I think we were going to have a day like today!

We left our hotel at 6:30am for the 4 hour trip to the orphanage. We left Nanjing via the Yangtze River Bridge which is very famous as the first bridge of its kind completely designed and constructed by the Chinese people. Little Miss Thing was tired and hungry but she quickly snuggled down on me and dozed off for pretty much the whole ride. She has learned that Daddy=fun+snacks while Mommy=comfort+meals. She definitely picks her parent by the need at the time! The drive to Xuzhou was very scenic and we saw lots of farmed ducks and freshwater pearl farmers. I was having a hard time deciding which one I was going to jump in and steal (hunger or beauty... hmmm)!

When we got to the orphanage we had a HUGE lunch (I will never understand why they make food for 90 if only 5 are eating but boy am I glad they did!) and then we were off to see the kids. The orphanage director (Ms. Tang) gave us a wonderful tour. We were able to play with the babies (SO CUTE!) and see Catherine's crib. We were there for almost 2 hours past our departure time (oops!).

Now, it gets good... Our next stop in Xuzhou was where Catherine was found. We were suprised when Ms. Tang and a few other people at the orphanage decided to join us on a trip to Catherine's finding spot but we just went with it. The next thing we knew we were being taken to a police station where we got to meet the police officer who actually found her! Wait... it gets better... there was all kinds of media there and we were interviewed for tv and the newspaper. They got video of the police officer holding her and of the female officer who took care of her after she was brought to the police station. All of the officers were outside in their dress uniforms to recieve us... it was an EVENT!

Feeling very overwhelmed, we said our goodbyes and headed out to visit the actual spot where she was found. What we didn't know is that the orphanage staff and the police officers (yes... three vans packed with people) were coming too. We were taken to the exact spot by the police officer and he told us (through our guide) exactly what happened that morning. What a gift! I have never heard of this happening to ANYONE. Now we can share that story with Catherine and show her the pictures of the actual people who were there... priceless.

We expected everyone to go about their business after that but they DIDN'T! They actually stayed with us for the rest of the afternoon and they gave us a tour of the historic sites around Xuzhou (like the terra cotta warriers... awesome!). I learned quickly that having a rather substantial police escort can get you in anywhere for free! These were such priceless memories and we cannot wait to tell Catherine how she was the most famous girl in Xuzhou... if only for 1 day!

We are tired... T-I-R-E-D but very happy after our wonderful day. Catherine had another great day and we are so enjoying getting to know her. She has quite a little personality and she loves to be silly and be tickled. We just could not be more blessed!

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  1. Jen & Jay,

    First of all, congratulations. Catherine is beautiful. I am Desiree's husband, Kerry. We live in Leesburg and will be traveling to the same orphanage in the spring to bring home our Rachel. We are following every post & picture from your trip. It appears your experience today was incredible. Thank you for sharing!

    I hope we can meet you when you get back to Virginia.

    God bless and Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. We are SO happy for you!! What a Thanksgiving blessing!! Love reading the blog and seeing the photos...... Cahterine is such a doll
    blessings, Sallee
    now to see her in a POPPY DIP! or maybe I need to make some bigger ones for her.....she's so tall!! :)

  3. So glad to hear that your visit to XuZhou was better than you anticipated. It sounds like you had a wonderful time meeting the officer and visiting Catherine's finding spot. What priceless information to have for her one day. Catherine is just too cute and I love the fact that she is a cuddler.

    Thank you again for sharing pictures with us. We greatly appreciate it!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! What a wonderful day! Hope you are sleeping in this morning,

  5. Such an incredible day all the way around! In the photo it looks like Catherine is smiling at the policeman, what a gem to have for later on. Glad you are doing so well, everything just sliding into place. I know you will enjoy a WARM Guangzhou, have more happy times and smooth travels.


  6. Oh Wow! Just wonderful. Love to hear those amazing details. Special visit for a special girl. Love the pictures....Catherine looks so relaxed and content.
    Happy Thanksgiving :-)



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