Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Final!

EVERYONE woke up this morning in a much better mood (thank goodness!!!!!). A Good nights sleep helped us put things into perspective and helped her get more comfortable. In fact, Catherine has been GREAT all day. She smiled and reached for me from her crib, she ate a big breakfast, and she has not seemed stressed at all.

Our guide picked us up at 8:00 and drove us to the Civil Affairs Office to sign the paperwork to make the adoption official. Jay is especially fond of our guide because she arranged this time to meet so that we could book it over to the office and beat all of the other families. It worked and we FLEW through the paperwork in about 10 minutes. In fact, we went to the store and out sightseeing and on the way back we drove past the Civil Affairs building and families were still there (it had been HOURS!). Thank you Jin!

We got to the office to do the paperwork and our guide said, "Well, you can give her back to the orphanage now or you can promise to chase her around for the rest of your life!" I guess we chose to chase because we signed on the dotted line (complete with fingerprint) and Catherine's handprint sealed the deal. We handed over wads of cash (Jay is so relieved to not have to carry all of that around anymore!) and it was all over...

she is officially Catherine Lian forever and ever

And, yes, we are already tired of chasing!

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  1. "she is officially Catherine Lian forever and ever"




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