Friday, November 20, 2009

We Have Arrived!

We are here... FINALLY! After 24 hours of travel we are all checked in to our hotel in Shanghai. And, not just any room... we got upgraded to a junior suite on the 57th floor! Jay is hanging out over by the window right now... I have not quite gotten the courage to go that far yet!

It was a fairly uneventful day. Here are the highlights... We needed to be ready by about 3am so that we could get to the airport in time. So, I figured I would just stay up because going to sleep for a few hours would completely wreck me. We finished packing and doing our odds and ends and headed out in the dark to go to the airport. We went up to the check-in counter and saw this...

Yep... that is me (looking LOVELY at 4am!) pointing at the cancelled sign next to our flight number. We were re-booked on the 8am flight but that was pretty bad news to someone who had not slept yet. We entertained ourselves for the next 4 hours...

and finally got to Chicago with about 20 minutes to spare for our connection. We made it on the plane (and so did our bags!!!!) and slept most of the 14 hours to Shanghai. Needed that!!!!!!

The plane ride was pretty uneventful. I got to enjoy a delicious gluten free meal of succulent chicken breast with wild rice while I made serious fun of at Jay's very unappealing whatever-it-was that he was eating. Then it was time for snack. Jay enjoyed a lovely bowl of delicious Chinese noodles while I was served chilled rice with raisens and onions... yuck! Gluten free girl was no longer laughing :)

We are headed out to grab a bite and then it is off to bed. Tomorrow we tour the hospital where Catherine had her surgery and we get to meet some wonderful people who have been so kind to her over the past few months.

Just over 2 days until we finally have her... excitement is growing by the minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Glad you made if safely to Shanghai and were able to get some rest. What a beautiful view from your room! Which hotel is that???

    Enjoy your time in Shanghai... counting down the hours to that much awaited first hug! :-)


  2. Oh no, sorry your flight was canceled! Glad you finally got some sleep and arrived safely. Have a great day & enjoy Shanghai.

    -Jenny, another Xuzhou Mom

  3. Yay! You're there!!! Can't wait to see the pics on Monday:)

  4. Glad you're there safe and sound! Enjoy the next couple of days preparing for your gal!

  5. Glad they offer gluten free meals, didn't know that. Should come in handy when we travel. Glad you made it safe and sound...only two more days until Catherine!!

  6. Glad you finally got some sleep! I know you were exhuasted...I bet you were SAWING SOME LOGS!!! I's okay, I'm sure no one else on the plane needed to sleep anyway...hehehehehe

    Glad you are there safe and sound!

    Paul is worried how I will make it the next two weeks with you being gone...HA, I don't know what he is talking about?

    Have fun and love you!

  7. So glad you made it to Shanghai safely. So glad that you are able to visit the hospital and meet some of the staff. What great memories for you to share with Catherine!

    Looking forward to Monday!!

  8. Very funny---about the cancelled flight, which turned into a later flight---sounds like you took it well. What a view...have a great visit in Shanghai---cannot wait until two days are up!



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