Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shanghai Walkabout

Hey, does anyone know where I can buy a watch in Shanghai? You will be able to tell if you have ever been to Shanghai by whether or not you just laughed out loud at that :)

We had some "free time" this morning so after jay ate an entire octopus for breakfast (no joke... SO sad I did not have my camera with me!) we took a long walk around Shanghai. When we first found out that we were coming here Jay got really excited to see the Bund area of Shanghai (beautiful old area along the river). So, of course, this is where we headed first. As you can see in the pictures below... it did not go well. The entire Bund (we are talking blocks and blocks) is closed and under construction (as is the rest of Shanghai) for the 2010 expo. He was brokenhearted. We finally found a bridge where we could see the river but only after walking for miles and miles and inhaling half of Shanghai.

Shanghai is a very cosmopolitan city and if it were not for the Chinese signage on the buildings you could really be anywhere in Europe or even any big American city. There seems to be alot of tourists here (though there are alot more Chinese tourists here than there are foreigners) and it was a little weird to be in China and not stick out like a sore thumb.

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