Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We just heard from our agency and all of our travel plans have been confirmed. Finally, after wishing, loving, wanting, and missing for what seems like forever, in about 56 hours we will be on a plane to China to bring Catherine home!

11/19: Flight leaves at 6:00am :(
11/20: Arrive in Shanghai in late afternoon
11/21: Tour Shanghai, visit the kids at the Baobei Foundation hospital
11/22: Take the train to Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province
11/23: Gotcha Day! We get to meet Catherine... FINALLY!
11/24: Do the paperwork to make the adoption official
11/25: Take a van to Xuzhou, Catherine's hometown (visit orphanage, finding spot, & terracotta warriors)
11/26: Visit the former President Mansion and Dr. Sun Yet Sun's Mausoleum
11/27: Sightsee, pick up Catherine's passport, and fly from Nanjing to Guangzhou
11/28: The dreaded medical examination (TB test & mandatory vaccinations)
11/29: Sightsee
11/30: Sightsee
12/01: Sightsee
12/02: Consulate Appointment
12/03: Swearing-in ceremonies at the consulate
12/04: Pick up Catherine's visa, take train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong
12/05: Fly home! We get home at 2:15pm after a very LONG day!


  1. What a gorgeous blog for a beautiful and wonderful girl! Congratulations on all your preparations. Hope you get some rest soon. Then on to Catherine Lian!!! xoxoxo Sarah

  2. Love the new blog and Catherine Lian is so beautiful! I am so excited to follow another journey!

  3. Awww...I just love Catherine's photos at the top. Such a beautiful smile. :-) It's finally your turn to travel to bring home your little XZ sweetie...and our little boy's best friend! Wishing you blue skies and safe travels as you begin this amazing part of the journey to hold your daughter in your very own arms!

    Lots of hugs from our family to yours...

  4. Can't wait to follow along!! Have a safe trip and if you get to visit Xuzhou and see our Rachel, please give her lots of hugs and kisses!!

  5. Have a fabulous trip! Counting up to Monday with you! So so so happy for you all!
    LL was with Catherine in XZ

  6. It's here, it's here...the time is finally here to bring that precious girl home!

    Safe travels....love you friend!


  7. Jen, I have tears in my eyes!!! Go get your girl!!! Give her kisses from someone who loves her in Virginia Beach (well two people--can't leave Mike out)...

    be safe! love you girl!

  8. How exciting! Can't wait to follow along!

    Wishing you safe and easy travels!

  9. Can't wait to see her in your arms!

  10. Wow---this is really happening. The blog is beautiful---just like Catherine.



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04/09/09 Started Paperchasing
04/25/09 Changed Agencies
04/26/09 We Got Our Referral!
04/26/09 LOI (Letter of Intent)
05/05/09 Homestudy Approved
05/13/09 Filed I800A with USCIS
05/13/09 PA (Pre-Approval)
06/05/09 USCIS Fingerprinting
06/10/09 I800A Approval
06/16/09 Dossier is Complete
06/19/09 DTC (Dossier to China)
06/30/09 LID (Log In Date)
08/28/09 LOA (Acceptance)
09/11/09 I-800 Approval
10/22/09 Article 5
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