Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Dreaded Train

I had heard alot of "stuff" about the train from Shanghai to Nanjing. Let's just say that "stuff" was not complimentary and I was getting a little nervous. I will admit right now that we had no problems on the train or at the station (except I think that people kept staring at me... wink!) and it does not even make my top 10 worst train experiences (the London tube in the deadly heat of summer is FAR worse!). The only thing that made it even remotely horrible was the very cute 5 year old boy next to us who was given a huge entire bottle of caffeinated tea by his grandfather very early in the trip... I am sure you can imagine! For the record... grandfather was not happy either!

I will say that I am sick and tired of traveling and I was dying the last half hour on the train. I am looking forward to 2 days without a "trip" and trying to gear myself up for the van ride to Xuzhou (Catherine's hometown) on Wednesday.

10 hours until Catherine... YEAH!

(see more photos on the photo album link below)


  1. Glad the train wasn't all that bad. Counting down the hours with you!!

  2. I know of two other families in Nanjing this week who are staying at the Mandarin GArden, if that's where you are staying. We were there 3 months ago. Have a great time, and I can't wait to see your posts tomorrow!

  3. HA! I remember those horrid summer months on the Tube allllll too well...I think that's why I eventually gave up and cabbed it everywhere! I think right now, yall are about an hour away from your Gotcha Moment--praying for a wonderful I Love You meeting with Catherine!



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