Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Happy Place

After a good night sleep and a wonderful breakfast (going to miss the 5 star treatment when we get to Nanjing!) we headed out the door to enjoy our last morning in Shanghai. We walked along the square, saw the people doing Tai Chi, and just took it all in. It is amazing to us how many Chinese tourists there are. And, we are surprised by the number of people who are DYING to practice their English. We had people coming up to us all day (friendly but very forward) telling us all about how they just watched Forest Gump or about how they want to visit America. We had a bunch of lively conversations. Just like last time we were here most of the people we met think that Jay is Chinese. It just makes us laugh so hard because there is not a drop of Asian blood in his body! But, they all swear that he is Chinese except for his nose! When we got Ben the people on the street would stop us and tell our guide how lucky we were that Ben looked just like Jay. Jay always said that he would "be" Chinese for the day if we could get the local discount on the adoption :)

After walking around the square for a bit we headed to the Shanghai Museum. If you are passing through here I highly recommend it. There are 3 things that I truly love to collect... asian pottery, asian paintings, and asian furniture. Anyone who has been to my house knows that I have a "problem" with these things! This museum features all of my favorite things and it was amazing. I just walked around with my mouth hanging open uttering, "Oh my goodness... look at that!" Spectacular! I kept asking Jay if we were allowed to purchase something but apparently the museum pieces are not for sale... bummer!

Next stop... the train of doom!!!!!!!

(for more photos please visit our photo album link at the bottom of the page!)


  1. Happy travels to Nanjing!!! Hope all went smoothly through the hallowed halls of the Shanghai Train Station. ;-) Your "train of doom" comment just made me laugh...what memories. Can't wait to hear your experiences! It is nice to hear that no one else has made our mistake of taking the one hour city bus to the station. :-)

    But, getting on that train means that you are "on the track" to your child and all the months of "chugging along" while you waited are about to be rewarded. The sun will soon be rising on the first day of the rest of your lives with your sweetie... sending you lots of hugs (xxooxx from Adam too!)


  2. So glad you've enjoyed your time in Shanghai and have been able to visit the hospital where Catherine stayed. What wonderful memories for you to share with her later in life. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when you meet Miss Catherine!! Can't wait to see pictures!!



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