Monday, November 23, 2009

The Day

sunrise over Nanjing, China
November 23, 2009


  1. I am so excited that today is the day you will have Catherine in your arms forever. I know after staring at her pictures for many, many months, you are very anxious to hug and kiss her in person. We will be thinking of you!!

    Out of curiosity, did I see you carrying two large suitcases and your husband with two (plus your child carrier and his backpack suitcase)? Holy smokes! I'm impressed!

  2. YES!!! Go get your girl!!! (By the way--the 23rd is our day too--headed back to London on vacay--we'll say hello to Maida Vale and Wagamama for yall)!!!

  3. Beautiful---and your beauty is in your arms right now, maybe kicking and screaming-but in your arms ;-)

  4. I don't wanna go to sleep! I just want to stay here hitting refresh until the pics come up!!! Hope it goes amazingly well!

  5. Congratulations! So many people have hoped for this wonderful day for Lian and you have made it happen. Sending you lots of support for the transition time. Please give her a big welcome kiss from me. xox Sarah

  6. Whatever the day will be perfect as you will all be together at last!! Praying for each of you and looking forward to watching your sweet Catherine blossom over the next few days.


  7. I am on pins and needles....just so excited for you! Nighty night, I'll be checking in first thing in the morn.




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