Friday, December 4, 2009

Goodbye Guangzhou / Hello Hong Kong

The morning was spent packing (still can't believe that we got all that in there!), eating, more shopping, obviously more packing, and finally more eating. It was good. We took our final trip to the Guangzhou Starbucks... the best spot on the island.

For some reason the construction noise died down during our break time and we peacefully sat there and watched life walk by... FINALLY! Catherine finished her fancy lemon cake and decided that she wanted to continue walking. Problem was that Mommy and Daddy were still working on their coffees. This is the truly pathetic situation that unfolded...

Hell hath no fury like a 2 year old scorned!

We accompanied our guide to the consulate for our visa so that we could head directly over to the train station to catch an earlier train to Hong Kong (which we caught... yeah). We had to go through immigration at the train station because Hong Kong is considered a separate country (separate from China) as far as travel is concerned. Now, the consulate has a new policy that they staple the child's Chinese passport to the immigration packet when they give it back to family (they made a huge big deal at the consulate that you cannot separate the passport and the packet). I mean, can you imagine someone entering the US with their US passport stapled to something? They would get an earful from the Customs and Border Patrol officer when they enter, right? Well, that is just what happened to Jay when he handed the guy Catherine's passport that was stapled to the brown envelope. He totally went off on him about disrespecting the Chinese passport right before he angrily ripped it off the packet. Hey there, thanks a bunch US Consulate! REALLY appreciated that one!

The train to from Guangzhou to Hong Kong was easy and relatively fast. We did have one MAJOR problem though. No, not Catherine... she slept nearly the whole trip. It was ME! You see, when you get on the train they hand you a bottle of water. You think, "Hey, thanks! I am SO thirsty!" and you drink it all down. Then, about an hour later, right when you need to pee, they make an announcement over the loud speaker telling you that the bathrooms on the train are now closed until the train reaches Hong Kong. Then you think, "Wait a minute, we won't get to Hong Kong for another hour!" Then you cry. Then you wait. Then the 2 year old on your lap adjusts her sleeping position. Then you cry some more. I have NEVER had to go to the bathroom that bad in my ENTIRE life. I almost died... seriously! Jay could see the anguish in my face so he kept telling me that we were almost there. We were most certainly NOT almost there. In my mind I starting coming up with alternative options of relieving myself... I was desperate and in pain. Mercifully we pulled into the station in Hong Kong. I gathered myself together, unloaded the bags with Jay onto the platform, hauled them up the escalator, and ran like an Olympic sprinter into the little girl's room. And, yes, I do believe I am scarred for life.

We are happy checked in to the beautiful Marriott at the Hong Kong airport and we are enjoying our complimentary cocktails in the executive lounge (no problem... there is a very nice bathroom right here in the lounge!). Tomorrow we make the long journey home.

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